Benutten zoals bedoeld

Een serie affiches voor de Belangengroep Benutten zoals Bedoeld (BzB). Zij zijn gehoord, er komt géén extra oeververbinding.

Kosmo the Recyclenaut

Teaching young children about recycling can be difficult, due to its sometimes-ungraspable nature. “Kosmo the Recyclenaut” is a stand alone, interactive classroom kit that can […]

Een kruimeltje is ook een brood

This is a project for the Open Air Museum in Arnhem, the Netherlands. I worked together with the amazing Bas Frishert, Leslie van der Gaag, Asami Kubota, […]

Rendez-vous: Meet through motions

Because of modern technologies we stand closer to each other than ever but we don’t always realise this. Rendez-vous is a short experience between two people […]

EL wire dress

My very first wearable project. Still exploring this subject I decided to make a dress that could glow up, depending on a certain kind of […]

Interactive play rug

This is a concept I made together with Fabian Heeres. It is an interactive play rug where you are the mayor, you decide where the roads […]


What if you spread your arms and the sound of an airplane surrounds you? Or when you make a pirouet you hear classical music and […]